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Guangdong Nantian paint Co., Ltd. is located in the economically developed Pearl River Delta region --- Guangdong City, Zhongshan province. The company was founded in 1997. Nantian since its establishment, adhere to the brand line,
With excellent production technology and mature sales system, has become specialized in coating product research and development, production and sales of integrated enterprise, with large-scale standard factory building,
Modern advanced equipment and high-quality professional team. Over the years, the South's "wall" and "stone color" brand on the market at home and abroad have been widely praised and trusted.

(SECAE)Brand Culture
The English brand name SECAE is the transliteration of its Chinese name, and its meaning is:

S stands for stone

E stands for excellent

C stands for color

A stands for art

The last E stands for exquisite

Explanation of the design of SECAE Log:
1. In the English name SECAE, the letter C evolves into a brush, which has close relation to coating, so it has visually and clearly shown the property of the coating industry. It also looks like a crown, indicating that SECAE owns a supreme position in the stone paint field and is a industrial leading brand.
2. The log is fashionable, grand and characteristic in general. With bright and shinning color, it owns very strong visual impact and identifiability, so it is easy to remember and spread.
3. The meanings of the log include excellence and splendidness. Excellence refers to: excellent technology, excellent quality, and excellent life; splendidness refers to: splendid product and splendid life; they are corresponding to the brand positioning of SECAE, i.e., excellent product and splendid life.
4. The slogan of SECAE is: More excellent and more splendid!

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